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  • Is yoga right for me?
    Yes!! Yoga is right for everybody. One of the amazing things about the practice is that it can be modified to fit every person. We have students of many backgrounds, ages, genders, and abilities that take every single class. Different people have different things they want to achieve. Whether it be flying into handstands and arm balances, or becoming more grounded and relaxed, we are here to help you achieve your individual goals!
  • I really want to give yoga a try but can't afford it, what should I do?
    We have a quarterly scholarship available for those looking to get into yoga on a fixed income, see the details and apply here:
  • I’m not flexible…can I do yoga?
    YES!! You do not have to be flexible to do yoga. We hear it all the time “I’m not flexible so I can’t do yoga”. One great thing about yoga is that it invites you to be just as you are at any moment! You will increase flexibility with a yoga practice, but you don’t need to be flexible to START a yoga practice. Also, the main goal is not to wrap your legs around your head (unless that's what you'd like to do!)...every body is different and yoga is for EVERY BODY!!
  • Are your classes beginner friendly?
    All classes are all levels, meaning no matter your experience, you can take them! You might find some more challenging than others, but there are modifications offered to fit students of every level of experience, fitness, and ability.
  • It's my first yoga class, what should I expect and how should I prepare?"
    We all had our first yoga class at one point! We are here to support you! The EveryBody Zen team and community are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have. We recommend that you arrive to class 15 minutes early so the teacher can get you oriented with the studio. You are welcome to bring your own mat, or you can borrow one free of charge for your first class. We also have mat towels and sweat towels. If you are not familiar with poses being called, look around! Watch what other students are doing and listen to the physical cues the teacher is calling. We recommend that you set up your mat in the back of the room so you can see people. We are all here to support you! If you can’t do a pose, that is ok!! Many poses take time to gain the strength and flexibility for, and yoga is a PRACTICE, it is not meant for perfection. This is a no-judgement zone and our instructors are there to assist you in finding what works for your body in a safe manner! Wear comfortable clothing that you can move and sweat in. You don’t want to feel restricted, and you will likely sweat! (especially if you practice in the Sweaty Room). Do not wear shoes or socks...those can stay in your locker. Drink plenty of water. Although we don’t sell water, we do sell water bottles and have a fountain with filtered water for you to refill as needed! Also, eat! But don't stuff yourself before class. Twists and turns and poses move stuff around (burp!), so for the sake of comfort, give at least an hour between your last meal and taking class.
  • What amenities can I expect at the studio?
    We may be biased, but EveryBody Zen is a beautiful studio! It is quite large so you have space and high ceilings create a very open and clean feeling. We have lockers for your belongings, a reception area with all kinds of goodies for sale, 2 bathrooms, and a shower. There are sweat towels to borrow for every class free of charge, and we rent mats for $4 and mat towels for $2 (free for your first class).
  • Do you offer hot yoga?
    Yes! And not-as-hot too! All of our yoga classes (with the exception of Prenatal) are offered heated, or unheated – AT THE SAME TIME! This means you have the option to practice in the “Sweaty Room” or in the “Not as Sweaty Room” for every single yoga class. The instructors wear a mic to assure all students can hear them, and they teach from in between rooms to assure they can see all students. We use state of the art infrared heaters in the Sweaty room, and it is set to the below for each class: Power Flow: 95 degrees Vinyasa: 95 degrees Slow Flow: 90 degrees Yin/Deep Stretch: 82 degrees The “Not as Sweaty Room” is set to 70 degrees in the winter, 74 degrees in the summer. The Barre and Pilates-Barre classes are all held in the “Not as Sweaty Room”. There have been students who have chosen to do parts in the “Sweaty Room”, though, and that's ok! Options are great!!
  • What class should I take?
    As all of our classes are all levels, you can take any one you’d like! That being said, if you are newer to yoga, we would recommend taking a couple Slow Flow classes to start to get acclimated. These move at a slow pace to allow you to adjust into the poses, feel them in your body, and get accustomed to the alignment. If you would ever like a bit of extra personal attention, we also offer private lessons (inquire with any staff or give us a call!). Also, remember, all yoga classes are offered either heated or unheated, so you have the option for every class!
  • Will yoga and Barre get me into shape?
    The short answer is YES!! Yoga and Barre/Barre-Pilates will completely transform your entire mind, body, and spirit. Like many good things, consistency is key! It takes a regular practice and commitment to see the most benefits.
  • How many times a week should I practice?
    For optimal results, we recommend the below: *Practicing 2-3 days a week will create transformation over time. *Practicing 4-6 times a week can be life-changing *If you are regularly participating in other sports and yoga is a supplement, practicing 2-3 times a week offers amazing benefits!
  • What makes this studio special?
    Community is of the upmost importance to us at EveryBody Zen. When you come in to practice, you won’t just find a fitness studio, but a second home. We welcome everyone, this is a non-judgement zone, and are very happy to have a community of students with the same values.
  • What if I still have questions?
    Easy! Call us or message us or email us! We're always happy to talk about yoga, the studio, or any other burning questions you may have. You can easily reach us by calling 843-410-0070 or by messaging us directly via Facebook, Instagram, or by the little chat button at the bottom of this page!
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